Best SEO CMS framework

by Thomas Klein on 2011/08/25

There are a lot of Content-Management-Systems (CMS) out there. If you look to North-America, you will find many websites which build on CMS like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. Compare to WordPress, the maintenance of Drupal and Joomla are awful. If you have ever tried to upload a image file to your posting in Drupal or Joomla you will know what I mean.

Drupal and Joomla CMS

Over the years some authority sites like the White House build on Drupal (and Joomla CMS). Because of this some admin using it for their own projects. They thought that Google would reward this effort. It’s a question of faith I think, because you can’t really measure it. In my view, the aspect of usability should come first of all! For that reason you should keep the hands off Drupal and Joomla.

WordPress CMS

In the future it could be more important to create great content in a couple of minutes. To confirming that, you only have to look to the tremendous rankings such as press postings. For that reason and because of the great usability it can be worthy to keep an eye to the WordPress CMS.

Thesis framework for WordPress

Because of it great skills, the best SEO framework for WordPress so far comes from DIYthemes. It has a lot of positive effects like great design flexibility and fast loading times in which is a key factor of a website, especially in respect of the upcoming importance of Page Speed manhandle the Thesis framework to the top of all SEO WP-framework. And keep in mind that Matt Cutts is using Thesis also!